Developing Numeracy & Maths Skills for Every Day Living

Join Cecilie MacKinnon as she teaches you the skills to help children with additional learning needs and to understand the principles and foundations of using maths in everyday living.

This course includes explanations of all the principles, downloads and printables and activities for children to develop their maths skills.
Developing Numeracy & Maths Skills for Every Day Living

What you'll learn on this course

  • 1

    Introduction to Developing Early Counting Skills

    • Introduction to Developing Early Counting Skills (approx 6 minutes)

    • How to use Developing Early Counting Skills Resources (approx 18 minutes)

  • 2

    Developing Early Counting Skills

    • Learning Number Names, Numerals and Linking (approx 27 minutes)

    • Linking Quantities to Numerals (approx 14.5 minutes)

    • Learning to Count and Finding How Many (approx 17 minutes)

    • Hierarchical Inclusion, Cardinal Values & The Uniqueness of Numbers (approx 21 minutes)

    • Learning Equivalence (approx 14 minutes)

  • 3

    Introduction to Maths for Every Day Living

    • Introduction to Developing Numeracy & Maths Skills for Every Day Living (approx 4 minutes)

  • 4

    Your Resources for Every Day Maths

    • Introduction & How to Use the Resources (approx 30 minutes)

    • Homework Activities - to use between sessions

    • Ordering

  • 5

    Every Day Maths

    • Understanding the Challenges in Maths (approx 20 minutes)

    • Developing the Language of Maths (approx 10 minutes)

    • The Abstract Language & Nature of Maths (approx 15 minutes)

    • Maths Language Resources & Activities (approx 16 minutes)

    • Making Maths Real - Building Confidence in Maths Thinking (approx 15 minutes)

    • Working with Patterns (approx 16.5 minutes)

    • Understanding Number Patterns (approx 18 minutes)

    • Developing Counting Skills (approx 13.5 minutes)

  • 6

    BONUS - Preparing for Addition and Subtraction

    • BONUS A - Subitising, Recognising Collections (approx 20 minutes)

    • BONUS B - Movement Magnitude, Calculating, Generalising Counting Skills (approx 41 minutes)

    • Next Steps ...

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How long will this course take to complete? The video content totals around four (4) hours but with activities and additional reading etc you should expect to complete the course in the equivalent of at least one full day.

What resources are included? This course includes over 200 practical resources to use alongside the training with your children/students, all carefully explained during the recorded sessions.

Can I pay by invoice or PO? Yes of course! Join today, or contact us to purchase via PO / invoice and we will provide a voucher code for all your staff to enrol.

How do whole school enrolments work? Join today, or contact us to purchase via PO / invoice and we will provide a voucher code for all your staff to enrol.

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Your Instructor


Cecilie Mackinnon

Cecilie has 20 years experience as a classroom teacher throughout the full primary range, mainstream and special schools, and in an SEN advisory post supporting both primary and secondary schools.

She is a member of the U.K. Down’s Syndrome Education Consortium working collaboratively to produce award winning publications on supporting children with Down syndrome and a member of the ‘All Party Parliamentary Working Group responsible for the recent publication: Down Syndrome: Good Practice Guidelines for Education.

She is an accredited Numicon and Down Syndrome Education International Training Consultant and develops practical teaching resources to support the education and social development children with Down syndrome.