Recordings Of Getting It Right For Me Live February 2021

Getting It Right For Me was a 4 day conference we held in February 2021. Topics discussed include topics like Autism and Eating Disorders, Recognising and Supporting Dyscalculia and many others.
Recordings of GIRFML Feb 2021

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1

    • Putting the Code into Practise to Ensure High Quality Provision for All Pupils - Zena Martin ( approx. 48 minutes)

    • It's all about leading with love - Anita Devi (approx 39 minutes)

    • The Role of the SENCO in the EHCP Process - Sally Glossop (approx. 24 minutes)

    • Evidencing SEND Provision - Cole Andrew (approx 43 minutes)

    • Effective SENCO practise in a Pandemic - Jackie Ward (approx 44 minutes)

    • SEND and Cultural Diversity - Vanessa Bobb (approx 39 minutes)

    • Home Learning Curriculum & Provision - Dr. Jackie shepherd & Bea Freeborn (approx 48 minutes)

  • 2

    Day 2

    • Autism and Eating Disorders - Fiona Bullivant (approx 49 minutes)

    • Recognising & Supporting Dyslexic Pupils - Claire Woodcock (approx 58 minutes)

    • Supporting Deaf & Hearing Impaired Pupils During Lockdown - Gemma Foster (approx 41 minutes)

    • Supporting Blind & Sight Impaired Pupils - Kate Holden (approx 53 minutes)

    • Supporting Pupils with Down Syndrome - Inclusion in Mainstream Settings - Cecilie McKinnon (approx 48 minutes)

    • Recognising and Supporting Dyscalculia - Claire Ashton (approx 1 hour)

    • Understanding Sensory Behaviours - Becky Lyddon (approx 49 minutes)

  • 3

    Day 3

    • The Role of the Educational Psychologist - Hannah Morris (approx 34 minutes)

    • Trauma & Attachment - Mike Arminger (approx 45 minutes)

    • Supporting Young People with Additional Needs Into Employment - Richard Lamplough (approx 49 minutes)

    • Joining the dots between attachment, mental health and behaviour - Ian Soars (approx 48 minutes)

    • Supporting Autistic Children in Lockdown - a panel discussion (approx 52 minutes)

    • It's the stage not the age that counts. Viewing behaviour through a developmental lens - Steve Russell (approx 49 minutes)

    • Being Autistic or ADHD and a Teacher - Hilary Forbes (approx 53 minutes)

  • 4

    Day 4

    • Supporting Parent of SEND Children - Mark Arnold (approx 52 minutes)

    • Therapy Dogs in School - Cherryl Drabble (approx 49 minutes)

    • Supporting Students with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders - Louise Sullivan (approx 55 minutes)

    • Early Communication and Behaviour - Dawn Brown (approx 29 minutes)

    • Supporting Autistic Learners - Sarah Loveridge (approx 41 minutes)

    • Supporting Children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders - Louise Sullivan (approx 55 minutes)

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Your Instructors


Lynn McCann

Lynn McCann is an autism, ADHD and PDA specialist teacher, author and trainer. She is the author of 'How to Support children with ASC in Primary School', 'How to support students with ASC in Secondary School’, 'Stories that Explain' (a book of social stories for primary aged children), and the board game “The Waiting Game”. She and her team support autistic children aged 3-21 in schools and colleges and are a centre of excellence for autism training in the UK and beyond. Lynn is passionate about bridging the gap between the teachers, parents and professionals, with the child at the centre.

Autism in the workplace trainer

Hilary Forbes

Hilary Forbes was a teacher with autism in secondary and further education. Hilary's specialist subject were math and astronomy. Hilary now works with ReachOut ASC

Richard Lamplough

Richard Lamplough founder of My Employment Passport has a background as a community connector, connecting hard-working, reliable young people (who happen to have communication difficulties) with employers, keen to find some potential diamonds. Since 1994 he has supported, approximately, 200 young people into paid employment.