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Making Transitions Work for Autistic Children Workshop

Moments of transition can bring increased anxiety, fear, and frustration in our autistic students. Heading into summer, starting in a new class, figuring out new rhythms of homework and many other moments bring more stress as students with autism learn new routines.

People with autism thrive on stability and routine, and navigating these necessary transitions well is a crucial way for us to support and care for the students in our life.

And let’s face it, transition is hard for everyone!

Thankfully, there are a few key practices that can help schools, educators, and parents prepare our autistic children for the inevitable transitions they will face. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to our transitions workshop on June 20-21. 

Early Years to Primary. This part of the workshop will help parents and teachers of young children with practical resources and ideas around preparation for school, what to look for in a classroom, how to set up healthy relations between parents and teachers, and overall how to manage the child’s stress. 

Primary through Post 16. This part will get more focused on the transitions through the various grades, how to continue to provide an autism-friendly environment, manage stress, and prepare older students for the rest of life. 

Both workshops will provide you with excellent guides and resources for helping your autistic children through life’s transitions. 

We know how to help parents and teachers work together to build friendly classrooms that allow autistic children to settle in after transition, and have helped hundreds of groups through transition at all levels for the past decade. 

Workshop Ticket Options

As always, our goal is to help support the relationship between home and school and we love bringing everyone involved in the child's care together.

So, teachers, parents, carers and adults with SEND are welcome to attend this workshop on demand and available to view along with the workbook and resources.

Your Workshop Instructor


Lynn McCann

Lynn McCann is an autism, ADHD and PDA specialist teacher, author and trainer. She is the author of 'How to Support children with ASC in Primary School', 'How to support students with ASC in Secondary School’, 'Stories that Explain' (a book of social stories for primary aged children), and the board game “The Waiting Game”. She and her team support autistic children aged 3-21 in schools and colleges and are a centre of excellence for autism training in the UK and beyond. Lynn is passionate about bridging the gap between the teachers, parents and professionals, with the child at the centre.